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Looking for other websites worth visiting or would you like to buy Studio Ghibli merchandise? Following are some useful links:

Studio Ghibli Directory
Studio Ghibli: the official Japanese Studio Ghibli website.
Ghibli Museum Mitaka: the official website of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.
Ghibli Museum Library: Studio Ghibli label dedicated to foreign and classic animation.
Ghibli Asemamire: website for Radio Ghibli presented by Toshio Suzuki.
Gake no ue no Ponyo: the official Japanese Ponyo website.
Gedo Senki: the official Japanese Studio Ghibli Gedo Senki website.
Gedo o Yomu: website for the Japanese DVD release of Gedo Senki.
Iblard Jikan: website for Ghibli & Inoue Naohisa collaboration "Iblard Jikan".
Oga Kazuo Ten: website on Kazuo Oga's exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
Taneyamagahara no Yoru: official website of Kazuo Oga's "Taneyamagahara no Yoru".
Azur et Asmar: Ghibli Museum Library website dedicated to Japanese release of Michel Ocelot's Azur et Asmar.
Animal Farm: Ghibli Museum Library website dedicated to Japanese release of “Animal Farm”.
Haru no Mezame: website on the Ghibli Museum Library release of Aleksandr Petrov's “My Love”.
Ou To Tori: Ghibli Museum Library website dedicated to the Japanese release of Paul Grimault’s classic “Le Roi et L’Oiseau”.
Panda Kopanda: website on the Ghibli Museum Library re-release of “Panda Kopanda”.
Snow Queen: website of the Ghibli release of Atamanov’s “Snow Queen”. official Inoue Naohisa website. official website of composer and musician Hisaishi Joe. world's oldest and very complete Ghibli resource out on the web. the French Ghibli resource. a Ghibli fan website worth visiting.
Conversations on Ghibli: weblog devoted to Studio Ghibli by Daniel Thomas.
Studio Ghibli blog: Spanish Ghibli weblog by Manu Robles.
Studio Ghibli Italian Fansite: fansite for Italian Ghibli fans.

Film | Anime | DVD Directory
Twitch: leading film news, review and discussion site "Spreading the News On Strange Little Films From Around the World" with a love for Ghibli films.
Midnight Eye: the latest and best in Japanese cinema.
Ryuganji: Japanese film news set by Midnight Eye contributor Don Brown.
Jasongray: A journal of film-related activities of Screen International Japan correspondent Jason Gray.
Kaiju Shakedown: Variety's Asian film blog, written by Grady Hendrix.
DVD Beaver: DVD review and comparison website for DVD aficionados from all around the world.
AniPages: animation blog by Benjamin Ettinger, focussed on Japanese animation, but also on obscure gems from other places.
Anime News Network: online anime news resource.
Cartoon Brew: leading the animation conversation.
Catsuka: French website focusing on Japanese animation.
The Import Forums: forum for those who aren't limited to a specific DVD region code.

Ghibli Store Directory recommened place to get your Ghibli DVDs and more. sells almost every Studio Ghibli item there is (though you need to know your way around).
LoveGhibli: specialized Ghibli E-shop with excellent service and selling lots of Ghibli merchandise.
CD Japan: Japanese shop which also sells Ghibli DVDs and CDs.
Jlist: E-shop which also has quite an amount Ghibli goods for sale.
Nippon Export: E-shop with great service and a wide variety of Ghibli books, videos, statues and more.
CD-wow: DVD E-shop selling Region 1 and Region 3 Ghibli DVDs.
Hobby Link Japan: shop with various Ghibli merchandise.